Our Fur Babies/ Pets

Birthday: 15 January 2012
Colour: Seal Point

Theodore was the first to arrive at Ragdoll Ranch. He is a very shy boy who is a great, big scaredy cat. It’s not often that visitors spot this fur baby. Yet when I took him to the local rest home for a visit he sat on all the little old ladies' laps and let them stroke him without complaining once.  Just like us he had them all wrapped around his paw very fast!!

Cleopatra / Cleo
Birthday: 28 October 2012
Colour: Seal Point

Cleo is a very loving, chatty girl. She always loves to be nearby. When I get home from work she normally meets me at the door and proceeds to tell me about her day. If I’m out of her sight she usually lets out a meow from wherever she is and if I don’t answer it gets louder until I do!!  

Even though she arrived here second she has made it perfectly clear she’s the boss!!

Archibald / Archie
Birthday: 13 December 2013
Colour: Blue Point

Archie is born and bred at Ragdoll Ranch so he will always be the first even though he’s not a Ranchdoll. He is a big, quiet, very affectionate boy who is my shadow around the house.

His favourite thing after me and food is showing off for visitors by showing them how he plays fetch like a dog with his mouseys.

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Ranchdolls from Ragdoll Ranch