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About Us

Welcome to my little piece of heaven known as Ragdoll Ranch, a small Ragdoll cattery located between Te Awamutu and Otorohanga surrounded by good old kiwi dairy farms.

 My name is Sheree and I have LOVED cats for as long as I can remember, but it was the big, beautiful Ragdoll that truly stole my heart. 

After nearly 30 years of dreaming I finally got my first Ragdoll kitten in early 2012, a Seal Point named Theodore. From the minute he entered our home he had my four teenagers and I wrapped around his little paw, wanting for nothing. Well except to be left alone to sleep in his favourite spots without someone coming and picking him up for a cuddle and kiss every 5 minutes!!

I hadn’t planned on another Ragdoll, but the truth is one Ragdoll is never enough. I knew within a few weeks I HAD to have another one. So for Christmas that year my family surprised me with a very beautiful Seal Point girl that I named Cleopatra. Watching her grow up I wondered what it would be like to watch a litter of Ragdolls right from the beginning. I had done some research and it fascinated me that ragdolls were completely white at birth with their colouring developing over a few years. So when Cleo was a year old she had her one and only litter of four beautiful little kittens. One of the kittens Archibald, a lovely Blue Point, stayed here with us. He had a very shaky start and I had grown so attached to him I couldn’t let my little man go. These three are my well-loved and spoiled pets, or fur babies as I call them, and they pretty much own our home, enjoying all the luxuries they deserve.

It was working so closely with  Cleo to bring up her little fur babies that made me realise this wasn’t going to be a one-off as I had fallen so madly in love with the whole experience. Watching the little fur babies grow and develop into loving, sociable, healthy babies that brought such joy to other families, made me realise I wanted to continue doing this.   I decided though if I was going to breed I wanted to be a registered breeder, so Ranchdolls from Ragdoll Ranch was born.

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