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Our Queens

Sapphire Double Grand Champion Adoradolls Greta Gaea
Stud: Champion Radiant Orpheus (Imp Aus)
Queen: Vonimp Margareta
Pet Name: Greta
Birthday: 24 October 2014
Colour: Blue Bi-Colour


This beautiful little lady has the most amazing personality. She is just so snuggly and loves being the centre of attention. 


A huge thanks to Keryn McOmish for allowing this wonderful girl to join us at Ragdoll Ranch and all her ongoing support.

Champion Aurorapetz Yvette
Stud: Aurorapetz Marsden
Queen: Aurorapetz Tiki Uhi Aroha
Pet Name: Yvette
Birthday: 4 November 2014
Colour: Lilac Bi-Colour


This sweet little angel seems to win everyone over with her quiet ways. She has managed to wrap everyone at Ragdoll Ranch around her little paw!!


Thank you Mike and Gill Godfrey for our beautiful little lady.   

Ranchdolls Annabella

Stud: Champion Aurorapetz Humphrey

Queen: Gold Double GrandChampion Adoradolls Greta Gaea 

Pet Name: Annabella

Birthday: 7 December 2015

Colour: Seal Bi Colour


This beautiful girl is the first Ranchdolls Queen bred at Ragdoll Ranch.

Gold Double Grand Champion Adoradolls Pr

Gold Double Grand Champion

Adoradolls Precious Angel

Stud: Champion Radiant Orpheus

Queen: Champion Adoradolls Afternoon Deight 

Pet Name: Angel

Birthday: 3 February 2016

Colour: Blue Bi Colour


Angel is a very loving snuggly girl who loves lots of cuddles.   


Thank you so much Keryn McOmish for allowing us to have another one of your beautiful girls.


Ranchdolls Live The Life U Love

Stud: Gold Double Grand Champion Adoradolls Will Be The Duke

Queen: Sapphire Double Grand Champion Adoradolls Greta Gaea

Pet Name: Adelaide

Birthday: 10 December 2017

Colour: Blue Bi Colour


Adelaide is a very loving busy young lady.

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